Media Partners

Even though we have a few media publications ourselves, we are looking for partnerships with other media companies that are interested to engage in data-driven journalism projects. We have experience in generating data for our own media assets, but are interested to share our existing sets or to create custom-built data sets to other media partners.

Being a our media partner will you allow to focus on your core business and create great content, without all the assle of having to manage a technical team or infrastructure to support this type of project. We will be your source of data to support projects related to:

  • Data visualisation
  • Infographics
  • Data-driven journalism
  • Monitoring of specific industries
  • Industry news monitoring

Partnerships with media publications can be based on a revenue share agreement or through custom projects.

Do you have a great idea for your publication that relies on data sourcing and processing but need help to acquire it? Come and talk to us, we would love to understand how we can work together.


Do you need assistance with utilising data?
Let us know what you need help with and how we can assist you