Data Integrators

We are specialists in indexing and processing large amounts of data to provide actionable output, but some clients need further enlightenment and additional value to the data, and that is where we call for our partner integrators.

Data integrator partners are companies that work with the data sets we provide to create valuable tailor-made presentation layers to suit exactly the client’s needs. Some of our partners receive project referrals from us, as we do not deliver this layer of the project, while other ones use the data as supplement to their own projects.

Our typical integrator partners will use our data sets as a base to:

  • Produce custom reports or market studies
  • Provide consulting services
  • Create bespoke software
  • Develop integration with third party systems
  • Provide outreach services

If you are interested to know more becoming our partner, do not hesitate to contact us for a chat. We would love to understand how we can help you to bring additional data sets to your project or to count with you as an integration partner for future projects where we deliver the data.


Do you need assistance with utilising data?
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