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The Brazil Business was created in 2009 to be the leading source for information about business in Brazil and still is to this date the largest media portal in English about this topic. The website receives annually more than 150 000 unique visits per month.

Using a straightforward editorial style and a pragmatic approach to everyday questions about internationalization into the Brazilian market, the portal is counts with both Brazilian and foreign staff to make sure their experiences can be shared and the topics can be addressed from a foreign point of view.

The portal has gradually consolidated itself as the most important reference for governmental entities such as embassies, consulates, trading organizations and even for the Brazilian government. Due to our position of authoritative source of information the majority of our audience are composed of international companies that need insights about Brazil. The Brazil Business is used by hundreds of thousands of business, from small enterprises to blue chip companies, guiding them to set a foot into the Brazilian market and later to consolidate their position in the country.

All information in the portal is organized into the following channels according to the topics covered:

  • Business Culture: Content in this channel is focused on the peculiarities about Brazil that foreigners will experience as a visitor or upon moving into the country, both in a personal and professional levels.
  • Import: In this channel we include articles related to trading with Brazil, in special to bringing products into the country. The import channel will bring contents such as trading agreements, importing procedures, tax reductions and benefits, clearance processes, logistics, and more.
  • Legal: Articles related to juridical topics are organized in this section. Here we outline what are the rules and laws that apply to Brazil, both for companies and individuals who are living in the country. We also include in this section articles that are related to additional local regulation and requirements to operate your business in according to local standards in the country.
  • Investment: The Investment channel comprises of content about specific markets outlooks and areas with potential growth in Brazil. The articles in this channel are intended to give the reader a perspective on the competitive landscape and potential underserved areas for their products or services, helping potential investors to identify and pursue new investment targets.
  • Tax: As the name hints, the tax channel contents are related to taxes that are levied on companies and individuals. Information such as base of calculation, exemptions, rates and benefits are among the main topics of articles under this channel.
  • Relocation: This channel is aimed towards individuals or families planning or who have already moved to Brazil. Here we will outline information practical about visa, healthcare, education, housing, transportation and more.

The Brazil Business is linked by media publications throughout the world like The Guardian, WSJ, The Economist, BBC, Forbes, and thousands more.


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