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Tech in Brazil is the only B2B portal covering topics related to technology in Brazil both in English and in Portuguese. Created in 2013, Tech in Brazil has specialized in articles within the areas of IT, media, and telecommunication, gathering a loyal audience of C-level technical executives in larger corporations in Brazil. Through our version in English we also reach international technology companies at their earlier stages of their expansion to the Brazilian market.

The portal uses a combination of articles which are both addressed to a more general audience and specialized technical content. The articles with more general information are intended to provide insights about the technology market in Brazil and its particularities. The pieces with technical information will give in-depth insights directed towards product specifications, requirements and types of integrations that you need to comply to in order to market the product in Brazil

We defined a few priority areas for technology businesses in Brazil that are covered in specific channels on the portal Tech in Brazil:

  • Certification of products: Articles covering requirements for certification and homologation of technology products by regulatory agencies, in special regarding the standards set by Anatel and Inmetro.
  • E-commerce: E-commerce is one of the areas in Brazil that has drawn a lot of attention from all industries. In this section we gathered all articles related to e-commerce in Brazil, covering all from best practices in different segments of e-commerce to payment options, regional differences and consumer behaviour.
  • Online payments: Brazil has an intricate structure of multiple players that handle payment transactions, and for example a single purchase in an online store can involve more than one payment method. This sections not only explores different payment methods offered in Brazil, but also forms of integrations, security and best practices.
  • Advertisement: Focused on online advertisement, this channel highlights the most common ways to reach a specific audience online and also provides an overview on the players of the industry, such as affiliate platforms, popular media outlets, etc.
  • Entertainment: In this section we gathered our pieces related to entertainment in Brazil, including on demand and linear content streaming, gaming, TV, VR and AR, among other.
  • Telecommunication: As the bonding element for a lot of technologies, the telecommunications section is a vital channel for Tech in Brazil. This channel is dedicated to articles that involve mobile, satellite, and other types of data communications industries in Brazil.


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