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Data we provide are versatile ingredients that can become totally different dishes according to how they are prepared. Here are some recipes for inspiration, but we open our kitchen for your own experiments if you want to try your old grandmother recipe.

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News Monitoring and Indexing

Fujikawa Data owns a proprietary platform to monitor and perfom automatic and semi-automatic filtering of news accross all verticals. This platform can be integrated to accept different types of sources and allows you to keep track on digital content in real-time to filter and segment relevant articles. Examples of use of this platform are:

Indexing and Monitoring of Social Data

We index and process with large amounts of data generated daily by social media in order to output relevant results for companies who are looking to identify ways to better optimize their investiments on social media. Some of the use cases for this data are:

Company Data for Brazil

Fujikawa Data holds a comprehensive and daily updated database of companies with tens thousands of records. By setting a few search parameters we are able to compile lists to serve very specific purposes within various industry verticals. This data was already used by our clients to obtains the following information:

Tax Data for Brazil

Brazil has a complex tax structure system with different tax rates and schemes depending upon state or municipality. Keeping track of all the changes and making sure that you are up to date regarding the last modifications is crucial, as overpayments are not refunded and a miscalculation can result in high fines.

We have databases of tax rates of all products, categorized by NCM code, that can be integrated to existing systems through our API or looked up individually.


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