Unlike many data focused companies these days we adopt a conservative technology profile with a strong focus on reliability and availability. We are agile by nature and never store data we do not need avoiding the burden of managing of a Big Data graveyard.

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Running an efficient data operation require significant planing of infrastructure. Combining public cloud resources and on-premise infrastructure allows us to provide a highly redundant data access level, with a resilient data processing and analysis environment. Our application infrastructure is built around fully compartmentalised micro services.


Data processing is core for both value and quality of the data we are offering. Our tool belt includes a wide range of open source components and libraries. The Fujikawa Data platform is built on solid and well understood languages. We limit ourselves to work with three of the most solid development languages currently available: for data processing we use Perl, data analysis is mostly handled in C and for data access we leverage PHP.

Data Storage

Our data storage architecture is based on flexible components which are well suited to handle live data processing and rapid access. At Fujikawa we combine technologies like Redis, MariaDB, MongoDB, Sphinx and B2 for our storage and indexing needs, covering all bases from 1kB of data in memory to 1PB of photos on disk.


Although we are working with public data our focus is to protect both our clients and our own data. All transportation of data over both internal links and public internet connections are encrypted using 4096 bit SSL. The data and infrastructure is built around effective data rotation strategies to limit the amount of data accessible at the public internet.


Do you build your own data applications?
Check the Data Access and Data Cleansing services.