Data is King!

Data is the core of our work and we offer a variety of business minded sets that serves different industries and purposes. These sets can be used individually or combined among themselves or with your own sets to form the perfect kingdom.

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Fiscal Data Sets

NCM Description

NCMs are eight-digit codes used by Brazil and other countries in Mercosur to classify locally produced and imported goods. We have the full data set of the NCMs with the descriptions of the goods available in Portuguese, English and Spanish.

Custom Data Sets

Didn't like anything in the menu? Don't worry, Fujikawa Data also provide services to collect, index, segment and process other types of data sets that are not listed in the website. Through this service we can create exclusive data sets cooked to perfection, that can be delivered as stand alone sets or in conjunction with other data sets that we already provide.

We are experts in data, but if your order is very specific we will walk the extra mile to make sure that the flavor of your dish is perfect. We have network of partners and integrators across different industry verticals that will assist us in specific projects to give that touch of spice which will make all the difference in your dish. Let us know what you want and we will deliver to you.

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Do you build your own data applications?
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