Cooking with Data!

Data is just tasty when well prepared. We let you cook with data in your preferred way, being a raw API, a lightly smoked export or in the format of a gourmet report.

Let's Cook

Data API

All our data sets can be acessed through APIs, allowing a more seamless and effective way to retrieve the data, ensuring that you always get the freshest records of the season. We work with the open standard format JSON which provides more flexibility for integration with third-party systems.

Data Exports

The data sets can be exported into any format you specify, with the intervals of time or ranges for the exports defined by the client. We can also generate full exports, partial exports based on specific parameters, or scheduled exports. The exported data will be carefully wrapped for you to take away and enjoy at your office.


If do not feel like cooking with the data and would like to have more refined presentation, we will call for other experts that will be able to work with the data ssets and produce a gourmet report made to order. We have an extensive partner network in several countries around the world, who are experts in dozen of industry verticals, who are ready to prepare a dish that will amuse you.


Do you build your own data applications?
Check the Data Set and Data Cleansing services.