Data-driven, Media company

In Fujikawa we are working to build, present and commercialise great data-driven information. We have a passion for data and contextual presentation of data. Some of the information that we create are targeted towards a broader audience and can be consumed for free. This information is commercialised using traditional or performance based advertising. However most of the information we create are available through paid access to our Data Sets.

When to call Fujikawa Data

Fujikawa Data is not a Big Data company, that often works with large data sets. Our business is never to crunch statistics out of a large pool data.

Anybody interested in our existing Data Sets and Data Cleansing Services should of course contact us.

You should also contact us if you have specific data information needs, where you need actionable precision data that tell a story in order to extract the maximum value.

Here is a owner of a confetti company, and some of the data driven information that we can provide:

  • Does people like my confetti company?
  • Which confetti company is leading the market?
  • What is the price of confetti today?
  • Who sells confetti to the government?
  • Are there new public regulations for confetti?
  • Who are the most influential figures in the confetti industry?
  • Who is already buying my confetti?
  • What do celebrities think about my confetti?
  • What colour of confetti is most used?
  • Who is interested in buying confetti?
  • What does people researching confetti like?
  • What are the trends in the confetti industry?

You should also contact us if you are a confetti company consultant that need more data in order to deliver increased value to your clients.

When to call Fujikawa Media

  1. If you like our current media publications and would either like to become a customer or a service provider partner.
  2. If you have an idea for a new data driven media property and is looking for a partner to help you with concept, editorial or technical development.

Editorial Touch to Increase Value

The real value of data is created by combining the strength of technology with a human touch. In some cases, data will need some major editorial work to present a coherent story, while in other cases, the machine learning technologies only need gentle human supervision.

Human interaction is costly both in time and money, and for editorial tasks, human labour tend to have diminishing returns. For us this often means that editorial work is not directly related to the data presentation but rather to create editorial rules for our algorithms to repeat the same action on similar data in the future.